Icon Glossary

When you are in a meeting, the touchscreen shows the following controls and features:

Choose whether to have your microphone on mute or unmute before or during a call
Customize your camera’s point of view, and choose whether to have your camera on or off before or during a call
Connect an appropriate device and touch this button to share another display with your participants (see below for further detail)
Customize your screen layout (see below for further detail)
Change the output volume of your meeting by using the and + icons
Put yourself on hold
Add another person to the meeting
Open the Manage panel to see settings for each participant (See below for further detail)
Open a touch tone keypad to navigate automated services such as a voicemail

Using the Manage panel


  • Record: If your organization has the Recording solution, press this button to begin recording the meeting. Press it again to stop recording
  • Lock meeting: Prevent any more participants from joining the meeting. Anyone who attempts to join this meeting will see a notification informing them that the meeting is locked
  • Mute / Unmute all: Use these controls to instantly mute and unmute all participants
  • End meeting: Use the End meeting control to disconnect all participants from the meeting. A confirmation dialog will appear for you to confirm this action
  • Mute individual: To mute/unmute a specific participant, touch the microphone icon
  • Remove individual: To remove a specific participant from the meeting, touch the cross icon

How to share your screen

When you are in a meeting or one-to-one call, instantly share content to the meeting room from your laptop or PC, by connecting it using the cable provided (such as StarLeaf Pronto, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D).

To share content with participants who have dialed in, press Share at the top of your touchscreen controller.

The control turns green while you are content sharing.

Press Stop to stop sharing.

To stop sharing to the meeting room, disconnect the cable from your laptop or PC.

Using Pronto

For more information regarding content sharing with Pronto, go to Using Pronto.

How to customize your screen layout

To customize your screen layout and how you see participants, touch the Screen layout icon.

  • To change how you see participants, select the Participants tab and choose an Arrangement
  • To choose whether to view content being shared by other participants, select the Shared content tab
  • To view the display of a device which you have connected to the room system (such as a laptop), select the My device tab
  • To switch your self-view on or off, use the Self-view toggle. This only removes the view for you and people in the room, remote participants in the meeting can still see you. To turn off your camera, use the Mute camera icon on the bottom toolbar of the screen

You can find more information about layouts and arrangements in Meeting layouts .