When in a meeting, the StarLeaf touchscreen controller and StarLeaf app show conference controls on the in-call control panel. You will have access to these controls if you are:

  • the meeting organizer in an ad hoc meeting
  • a participant in a scheduled meeting

These controls are not available to participants who have dialed into a meeting from outside an organization.

Participant controls

You can individually control (mute or remove) every participant in a meeting. Participants who have been individually muted using these controls see a ‘you are muted’ notification. When there are five or more participants, the participant list becomes horizontally scrollable. To mute yourself (and the room you are in), use the microphone mute control on the touchscreen controller.

Layout control

Controls on the layout tab allow you to choose a different video layout.

Conference control

The conference control provides in-call controls.

  • Lock meeting: This prevents any more participants from joining this meeting. Those that attempt to do so instead see a splashscreen telling them that the meeting is locked
  • Mute all: This control mutes all other participants in the meeting. Participants muted in this way see a ‘you are muted’ notification
  • End meeting: This control causes the meeting to end and all participants to be disconnected from it. There is a confirmation dialog before the meeting is ended

How to share your screen

For the best screen sharing experience, download StarLeaf for desktop to wirelessly share your screen into a meeting. If this is not possible, you can use a wired connection such as an HDMI cable instead.

Wireless screen sharing

You can wirelessly share your laptop screen into the meeting using StarLeaf for desktop.

Wireless screen sharing from your laptop can only begin when there is at least one participant in the meeting. For this reason, it is recommended that you first join on the room system.

When you have joined the meeting on the room system:

  1. Open StarLeaf for desktop and go to the Today tab.
  2. Click the Share screen control.
  3. Select the meeting you want to share your screen into or enter the meeting ID.
  4. Choose the screen or application that you want to share.

Your chosen screen or app is automatically shared into the meeting.

Wired screen sharing

When you are in a meeting or one-to-one call, instantly share content to the meeting room from your laptop or PC, by connecting it using the cable provided (such as StarLeaf Pronto, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D).

To share content with participants who have dialed in, touch Share screen:

To stop sharing to the meeting, touch Stop sharing. To stop sharing locally to the meeting room, disconnect the cable from your laptop or PC.

For more information about screen sharing with Pronto, go to Screen sharing to a room.

In-conference icons and counters

Audio-only and video-muted participants do not occupy a video pane in the video layout. Instead, they are listed by name (or telephone number, or URI) with an icon indicating status. If a meeting is being recorded, participants will see an icon indicating that recording is taking place.

Conference icons
This is an audio-only participant
This participant has muted video
This is a video participant, but there are insufficient panes in the conference layout to display everyone in the conference
Meeting participants who are being recorded are able to see a ‘recording in process indicator’. This is a red dot in the top right corner of the conference view

The image below show the speaker-only layout. You can see the current speaker’s name at the bottom of the main pane with other participants listed by name in the top right with their status icons. The ‘recording in process indicator’ is also present. Where content is shared, the name of the participant or meeting room that is sharing is shown.