With StarLeaf Room for Poly, you can switch to Poly Device Mode with the Use as accessory control. This enables you to use the room system’s camera, microphone, screen, and speakers, while joining a third-party meeting from your laptop.

The Use as accessory control is only available for StarLeaf Room for Poly.

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How to use Device Mode

To switch the room system to Device Mode:

  1. Connect your laptop to the room system with the HDMI and USB cables provided.
  2. Touch the Use as accessory icon on the home screen of the touchscreen controller.

    The room system automatically switches to Device Mode:

Any calls or meetings you have from your laptop can now use the room system’s accessories. You may need to check your laptop’s audio and video settings to make sure that the room system’s accessories have been selected.

How to exit Device Mode

To stop using Device Mode:

  1. Touch the Exit icon on the touchscreen controller:

    The touchscreen controller automatically switches back to the StarLeaf homescreen.

  2. Disconnect the HDMI and USB cables from your laptop.