You can share your laptop screen to any StarLeaf room system for both participants in the room, and those who have dialed into a meeting.

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Wireless sharing

You can wirelessly share your laptop screen into the meeting using StarLeaf for desktop.

Wireless screen sharing from your laptop can only begin when there is at least one participant in the meeting. For this reason, it is recommended that you first join on the room system.

When you have joined the meeting on the room system:

  1. Open StarLeaf for desktop and go to the Today tab.
  2. Click the Share screen control.
  3. Select the meeting you want to share your screen into or enter the meeting ID.
  4. Choose the screen or application that you want to share.

Your chosen screen or app is automatically shared into the meeting.

Wired sharing

When you are in a meeting or one-to-one call, instantly share content to the meeting room from your laptop or PC, by connecting it using the cable provided (such as StarLeaf Pronto, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D).

To share content with participants who have dialed in, press Start sharing on the touchscreen controller.

The control turns blue while you are content sharing.

Press Stop sharing to stop sharing to the meeting. To stop sharing locally to the meeting room, disconnect the cable from your laptop or PC.

Pronto Cable

StarLeaf Pronto allows users to meet and share in an instant. When you connect Pronto to your laptop, your screen and audio are shared with the room so that you are ready to present immediately. Your StarLeaf meetings are also synchronized with the room, allowing you to join with one touch.

For the best meeting experience with Pronto, and to synchronize your StarLeaf meetings with the room, download the StarLeaf app here .

How to use Pronto

In every meeting room with Pronto installed, there is a cable with two connectors; a USB-A and a USB-C.

  1. Connect Pronto to your laptop using either of the USB connectors.
  2. On your laptop screen, you will see the StarLeaf Pronto drive window appear.

    Steps 2 and 3 are applicable only if you do not yet have the StarLeaf app installed.

  3. For Windows users, select Open folder to view files.
  4. Select the StarLeaf Pronto app icon for Windows (or macOS).
  5. Your laptop screen appears on the room display and is ready to share in a meeting. The next time you connect your laptop, Pronto will automatically recognize it and will share your screen instantly:

To share content with meeting participants who have dialed in, see Wired sharing.

Troubleshooting Pronto on macOS

If Pronto Cable is not being detected on a macOS device, this could be an issue with your Mac System management controller (SMC) not powering up your USB devices. Resetting the SMC can resolve certain issues related to power, battery, and other features. For information on how to reset your SMC, go to Apple documentation .

Pronto 210 wireless sharing

From 1 June 2021, Pronto 210 will no longer be available to purchase. Pronto 210s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. You can still share your screen wirelessly to a room screen using StarLeaf; find out more here.

Wirelessly present content to any StarLeaf room system, using Pronto 210.

How to present content to the room

Make sure that the device you want to present from has wireless sharing enabled:

Press Windows + K on your keyboard (Windows 10)
Click AirPlay in the menu bar
Swipe to open Quick Settings. Tap on Screen Mirroring

Select the room that you want to share content to. Your content appears on the room screen.

How to share content in a meeting

To share content with participants who have dialed in to a meeting, wirelessly connect your device to the room system as described above.

Press Start sharing on the touchscreen controller:

The control turns blue while you are content sharing.

Press Stop sharing to stop sharing.

To stop sharing to the meeting room, deactivate wireless sharing on your device.