From the touchscreen’s home screen, you can make a call in three ways: 


You can call any person or room system in your organization’s directory from the Contacts screen.

  1. Search for the person or room system in the search or dial bar, or by manually scrolling down the list.

  2. Touch their name to open their contact details.

  3. Choose either the Video or Voice call options to start a call. If you decide not to make a call, then touch the exit icon to go back to the previous screen.

To go back to the home screen, tap the Home icon in the bottom tool bar.


To view and call the room system’s recent contacts, touch the Recents button. The list is in chronological order, with the date of the call displayed to the right of each contact. Names that are blue indicate when a call has been made, while a name in red indicates a missed or rejected call.

  1. Search the list for the recent contact you want to call. Manually scroll to search for older calls.

  2. Touch their name to start a video call with them.

To go back to the home screen, tap the Home icon in the bottom tool bar.


To dial any video address, for example a third-party meetings platform or video conferencing equipment, touch the Dialer icon.

  1. Type the number or address that you want to call by using the number pad or keyboard. You can switch between these by touching the icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

  2. Touch Call

To go back to the home screen, tap the cross icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

You can hide the keypad by touching the keypad button in the bottom right-hand corner. To unhide the keypad, touch inside the Search or dial bar.

Who can you call?

You can call anyone using the Dialer:

StarLeaf users

Call anybody who uses StarLeaf app or a StarLeaf room system:

  • Contact details of people and room systems in your organization are all in your organization’s directory under Contacts
  • People outside your organization can be dialed using their email address

Non-StarLeaf users

If someone does not have a StarLeaf account, you can still video call them:

  • If they have video conferencing equipment (e.g Cisco, LifeSize, Polycom endpoints), you can call them if you know their video address or URI
  • If they do not have video conferencing equipment, send them a StarLeaf invite where they can download StarLeaf app, or video call you from their web browser