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How to use the Join now button

When your room system has been invited to a meeting, a green button will appear on the home screen, displaying the meeting title and the name of the organizer, ten minutes before the meeting is due to start.

To join the meeting, touch the green button.

If you join early, you will see the waiting screen.

Join now button behavior

The button remains green for the duration of the meeting in case you need to join after the scheduled start time. If a scheduled meeting is canceled, the meeting details are removed from the Join button.

When a scheduled meeting is not due to start, the button appears grayed out, displaying either:

  • When the next meeting is due to start

  • When there are no upcoming meetings for that day

    Multiple meetings

    If two meetings have been scheduled in your room system, and are due to start, two green buttons appear on the home screen:

    When more than two meetings are due to start in your room system, you can choose which meeting to have in your room system:

  1. Touch the green button.

  2. Touch the meeting you want to join.

How to join with a meeting ID 

To join a permanent meeting, or a meeting that the room system has not been invited to, use the Join with meeting ID button.

  1. Find the meeting ID with which to join the meeting. This can be found either in a StarLeaf invite or on a StarLeaf scheduled calendar event.
  2. Touch Join with meeting ID.

  3. Type the meeting ID of the meeting you want to join. You can find this ID in a StarLeaf invite or StarLeaf scheduled calendar event.

  4. Touch Join to enter the meeting.

Joining a meeting on any other conferencing service

You can join meetings on any other standards-based conferencing platform, such as Bluejeans. To do this, follow the instructions in How to join a StarLeaf meeting .