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Basic controls

When you are in a one-to-one call, the touchscreen displays the following controls and features:

For more information on content sharing, see Screen sharing to a room.

Choose whether to have your microphone on mute or unmute before or during a call. This control also mutes and unmutes any content being shared by the room’s HDMI or Pronto cables
Customize your camera’s point of view, and choose whether to have your camera on or off before or during a call
Add a participant to your call. This will create an ad hoc meeting
Customize how you view the other participants in your meeting
Open the More menu to access a touch tone keypad , and the hold call and transfer call controls
Hang up from the meeting
Change the output volume of your meeting by using the and + icons

How to share your screen

For the best screen sharing experience, download StarLeaf for desktop to wirelessly share your screen into a meeting. If this is not possible, you can use a wired connection such as an HDMI cable instead.

For more information on how to share your screen, go to Screen sharing to a room.

How to configure your screen layout

To configure your screen layout and adjust how you see participants, select the Screen layout icon.

  • To change how you see participants, select the Participants tab and choose an Arrangement
  • To choose whether to view content being shared by other participants, select the Shared content tab
  • To view the display of a device which you have connected to the room system (such as a laptop), select the My device tab
  • To switch your self-view on or off, use the Self-view toggle. This only removes the view for you and people in the room, remote participants in the meeting can still see you. To turn off your camera, use the Mute camera icon on the bottom toolbar of the screen

For more information, see Meeting layouts.