The Yealink VP59 is a video phone with a large touchscreen display, in-built camera, and corded handset. It can be a good solution for organizations who do not want to deploy PCs and laptops as their video conferencing solution.

For instructions on how to install StarLeaf software on the Yealink VP59, go to Provisioning Yealink VP59 with StarLeaf.

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The home screen

When you are signed in to the Yealink VP59 with your StarLeaf account, the touchscreen looks like this:

At the top of the screen is your contact information, which includes:

  • Name
  • Internal extension number: the number people in your organization can use to directly call you
  • Direct dial number: this number is connected to the global telephone network, allowing anyone to directly call you using a phone. This is an optional extra called VoiceConnect.
  • External video address: contacts outside of your organization who have their own video conferencing equipment can use this to call you

Icon glossary

Open the Contacts menu to view your organization’s entire directory
Open the Dialer control to call internal extensions, PSTN numbers, an IP address, URI, or a third-party meeting address
Access your voicemail inbox. You can listen to, save, and delete voicemail messages from here.
Set your online presence to Do not disturb. When Do not disturb is set, all notifications for messages, calls, and meetings are disabled

How to join a meeting

You can join your meetings from the home screen.

Meetings scheduled with StarLeaf appear as green buttons ten minutes before they’re due to start. Touch Join now to instantly join the meeting:

To join a permanent meeting, or a meeting that you may not have received an invite to, use the Join with meeting ID button:

You can find out the meeting ID from a StarLeaf invite, StarLeaf scheduled calendar event, or from the meeting organizer.

Yealink controls

You can use the Yealink VP59 buttons both in and out of a call:

Receive and hang up calls by using the Corded handset.

Use the Keypad to dial telephone or internal extension numbers.

Icon glossary

Access voicemail services from the home screen
Mute and unmute your microphone
Put your ongoing call on hold
Transfer your ongoing call. Press again while in the other call to complete the transfer
Turn your camera on and off
Change your ringer volume on the volume control
Press this button once to access your recent calls, or twice to redial your last call
Turn loudspeaker on and off. Pressing this button on the home screen takes you to the Dialer

Meeting and in-call controls

When you are in a meeting or a call, the touchscreen displays following in-call controls:

Add participants to the call
Put yourself on hold
Transfer the call
Mute and unmute your microphone
Hang up from the meeting. You can also end the call by putting the corded handset back on the hook
Turn your camera on and off

How to log out

To log out of your StarLeaf account on the Yealink VP59:

  1. Touch your profile picture on the home screen.

  2. Touch Log out from the Settings menu and confirm.

    When you have logged out, the Yealink VP59 displays the StarLeaf sign in screen: