You can call any contact or group in your organization in three simple steps.

  1. In the app, search for a contact or group by typing their name into the Search or dial box.
  2. On an iPhone, this box is at the top of the page:

  3. Select the contact or group and then the phone icon.
  4. The Call options box appears.

  5. Select either Video call or Voice call.

Calling outside of your organization

You can also call a video address that is a series of letters, numbers, or symbols. The video address might be known as a URI or it might be an IP address.

You might need to use such a video address when:

  • You want to call third-party video-conferencing equipment such as Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, and Tandberg endpoints from the StarLeaf app
  • You are trying to join a video conference on a third-party service such as BlueJeans from the StarLeaf app

To call someone from the app using a video address:

  1. Enter the video address in the Search or dial field in the app as shown below.
  2. Select Start a video call.

An IP address is shown in the example above. If you receive a URI as the video address, it may be in a similar format to This can be entered in the same way as the IP address.

In-call chat

It is possible to send a message to a person or group while you are in a call with them.

When you are in a call, select the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen. This opens the chat box to the right-hand side, allowing you to send messages while remaining in the ongoing call.

The in-call chat feature is currently available in the desktop app only.