Join meetings on any device using the StarLeaf app or you join from a room system.

You can join scheduled meetings as soon as they are created and for up to four weeks after the scheduled end time. This is especially useful if you want to join a meeting early to be prepared.

On this page:

Joining from the app

When a meeting begins or is due to begin, a join button appears beside the meeting in the meetings tab. Select join to enter the meeting.

If there is no join button, participants can also join the meeting a meeting using the 7-digit meeting ID (you may want to share the meeting ID with someone who did not receive an email invite, for example).

To join with a meeting ID, select join on the meetings tab and enter the 7-digit meeting ID.

Joining from a room system

When you schedule a meeting, you can include a meeting room in the invite. If you or the organizer did this, the join button lights up green on the touchscreen controller when the meeting is due to start in ten minutes or less.

Press this button to join the meeting.

If the join button does not light up green, you can use the meeting ID to join instead. The meeting ID is provided in every email invite and also visible in the meeting details in your app. To join from a room system:

  1. Enter the 7-digit meeting ID on the touchscreen controller using the keypad.
  2. Press the icon.

Pre-meeting audio and video options (app only)

Before you enter a meeting, you see a screen that gives you time to check your audio and video settings before you select join now. On this screen you can:

  • switch between computer audio and phone audio
  • mute your microphone (so no one in the meeting can hear you)
  • mute your camera (so no one in the meeting can see you)
  • change the microphone, camera, and/or speakers that you use

Computer audio

If you choose to use computer audio, you will hear the meeting through your computer speakers or the headphones/headset that are connected to your computer.

To switch between the computer speakers and any connected headphones/headset, go to Audio & video settings.

Phone audio

If you choose to use phone audio instead of computer audio, a phone number and meeting ID are provided which you can use to dial in using a mobile or telephone. You still view the meeting on your computer.

Phone audio is useful if you do not have a microphone in your computer, the meeting room you are in uses phone audio with a video screen, or your network connection is unstable (for example, if you are joining from a moving car).

Audio & video settings

Here, you can change the microphone, camera, and/or speakers you want to use on your computer during the meeting.

To adjust your microphone levels, use the slider underneath Microphone. Increasing the level on the slider increases your transmitted volume.