You can join a scheduled meeting on any device using the app or you can join from a room system.

Joining from the app

When a meeting begins or is due to begin, a green Join button appears beside the meeting details in the app. Select Join to enter the meeting.

Meetings that are scheduled for the next day appear under Tomorrow (but only when the start time is within the next 24 hours).

Joining from a room system

Participants can join a meeting from a Starleaf room system using a 7-digit meeting ID.

This ID is provided in the invite email sent to participants and can also be found on the app below the meeting time.

If the meeting room was added by the organizer, press the green Join Now button on the touchscreen to join the meeting.

If there is no Join Now button, use the meeting ID to join.

  1. Enter the 7-digit ID on the touchscreen controller using the keypad.
  2. Press the icon.