The StarLeaf app has controls that you can use while remaining in a voice or video call.

In-call controls are currently available in the desktop app only.

The controls available in a meeting are shown and described below. For controls in a one-to-one call in the app, go to Using in-call controls.

You can send a message to a user or group while you are in a call with them. They must be a StarLeaf user or a StarLeaf group, otherwise the chat option is unavailable and grayed out.

When you are in a call, select the Chat icon from the in-call features at the top of the screen. This opens the chat panel to the left-hand side, allowing you to send messages while remaining in the ongoing call.

Select Participants to open the Participants panel. From here, meeting participants can be added or removed. Permission to manage the Participants panel differs depending on the type of meeting you are in. See Who can use meeting controls? below for further detail.

You can share your screen to the other person (or people) in your video call.

This is only enabled when the meeting has started or more than one participant has joined.

This is a DTMF keypad that you may need when navigating a voice-based menu system, for example.

The recording solution is an optional extra.

If the option is available to you, select Start recording to record the meeting. Meeting participants who are being recorded can see a red dot, indicating that the recording is in process.

In More you can change the video screen layout and also access Audio & video settings (where you can configure the camera, microphone, and speakers). To view the different video layouts available go to Meeting layouts

Enter and exit full-screen mode from here.