Avatars represent your interactions in the app. The different avatars are shown and described below.

Another StarLeaf app user whom you can message. Signified by the initials of the user’s first and last name
A group (public or private)
A voice call to, or from, an unknown number. This can be for an incoming, missed, or outgoing call
A call to, or from, a StarLeaf Cloud-registered room system in your organization
A call to, or from, an external contact that is in your company directory or in your personal contacts. This can be a video or voice call, but you cannot message these contacts
A call to, or from, a unknown H.323/SIP/StarLeaf/Skype for Business URI (one that is not in the company directory or in personal contacts). For example, a StarLeaf app user in a different organization, a StarLeaf scheduled meeting, or a H.323 URI

Presence icons

When a contact uses the app, a presence icon appears over the avatar.

Green circle. The contact is online
Orange circle with handset. The contact is in a call or meeting