There are three types of meeting that you can join using StarLeaf:

Scheduled meetings

A scheduled meeting begins at a particular time. Participants receive instructions on how to join a scheduled meeting from either a StarLeaf invite (see below), or a StarLeaf scheduled calendar event.

When a meeting is scheduled, each participant receives a meeting invite by email which provides instructions for all the different ways of joining a StarLeaf video meeting:

  • From a web browser
  • Using phone audio and browser video
  • From StarLeaf app
  • From a meeting room system (StarLeaf, Cisco, Polycom, etc.)
  • From Skype for Business

Ad hoc meetings

When you add a person or room system to a one-to-one call, this is known as an ad hoc meeting. You can add a participant at any time using the in-call Add participant control on your touchscreen or StarLeaf app:

An ad hoc meeting has the same in-call controls and features as any other meeting.

Permanent meetings

This is the same as a scheduled meeting but without a date and time. A permanent meeting is a virtual meeting room that anyone can dial into at any time. Permanent meetings have the same features as scheduled meetings (invites, interoperability, PSTN dial-in, etc.). The dialing details never change and the meeting is always joinable.

To create a permanent meeting, go to Portal > Meetings > Create permanent meeting.

If your organization does not have the option to create permanent meetings and you want it do, ask your admin to contact to request permanent meetings.