On 19 October 2019, the StarLeaf Phone 2105 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2105s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. For the best experience with messaging, meetings, and calling, download StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. If you require a solution that provides calling to and from the global telephone network, VoiceConnect is an optional extra on your StarLeaf account.

Your StarLeaf Phone 2105 is your means for making and receiving calls, joining conferences, and accessing the directory and contacts.

The StarLeaf Phone 2105

The figure below shows the features on the front of the StarLeaf Phone 2105.

The display screen shows your contact details (user name and extension number), the time, as configured by your administrator, and the soft key functions. If the user name is too long to fit on the display screen, only the end of the name is shown.

Pressing any of the soft key functions takes you to different display screen options.

Front panel features and controls

Button/Control Appearance Description
Message waiting indicator  

Lights up when there is a new voicemail. Flashes when there is an incoming call and when there is a conference currently starting. For conference notifications, it continues to flash for five minutes after the start of the conference

Soft keys

Activates the function depicted on the display screen above
Selection buttons Confirm or cancel the action or input, or navigate the display with the up and down arrows
Join conference Lights up when a conference is starting. Press to join the conference
Speed dials   Quick contacts you can program in for one-touch calling
Audio mute Toggle the microphone of the phone(or that of the headset) on and off. The button lights when the microphone is off. When you are in a call and your audio mute is on, nobody can hear what you say
Audio volume down Press during a call to decrease audio volume or, if you are not in a call, press to decrease the volume of the ringer
Audio volume up Press during a call to increase audio volume or, if you are not in a call, press to increase the volume of the ringer
Headset Optionally, press to use a headset that you have connected to the headset connector on the rear of the phone. The button lights when the headset is in use

Press to use the phone as a speakerphone (listening through the built-in speakers of the phone and using the microphone positioned in the lower right side of the phone)

Microphone location   Calls that use the speaker, rather than the handset, uses a microphone located in the bottom right of the phone casing. Do not obstruct this location