About contacts

Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available because they are in the company directory. You decide who your favorites are by creating a favorite from the company directory.

To access your company directory contacts, press then . You can search the company directory by navigating through the list with the up and down arrow buttons, or by typing the name of the person you want to contact. The contact is searched and brought to the top of the list as you type their name.

The directory search is not case sensitive.

To edit your favorites, go to home screen > contacts from the Breeze homescreen.

About personal contacts

In addition to the global directory (to which everyone in your company has access) you can add your own personal contacts. However, these contacts are only available if you are using Breeze and are not available on the phone.

Adding personal contacts

For each contact that you want to add:

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > personal contacts.
  2. Select add and enter your contact’s details (shown below).

Deleting personal contacts

To delete a personal contact:

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > personal contacts.
  2. Select the contact you want to delete and select edit.
  3. Scroll down in that view and select delete contact.

About favorites

Creating favorites

To create a favorite from the company directory (or from your personal contacts):

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > company directory (or home screen > contacts > personal contacts).
  2. Find and select the person whom you would like to add as a favorite (either by using the search or by scrolling).
  3. Select add to favorites, as shown below.

  4. Go to home screen > contacts > favorites and ensure that your favorite is one of the top five listed.

    If the contact is not one of the top five, it does not operate as a speed dial contact on the phone. You need to delete previous favorites in order to move the contact up the list. You can then re-add favorites you needed to delete without disturbing the top five ordering.

Editing favorites in the StarLeaf app changes them on the phone simultaneously.

Deleting favorites

To delete a favorite:

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > favorites > edit.
  2. Select the cross next to the favorite and select delete.

Presence and speed dial notifications

Speed dials are displayed on Breeze’s home screen with icons.

StarLeaf users in your organization have an icon indicating presence as follows:

StarLeaf presence and speed dial icons
This favorite is available (that is, they are not in a call, have not set their StarLeaf device to do not disturb, and have not forwarded calls)
This favorite’s calls are being forwarded to another device
This favorite has set his StarLeaf device to do not disturb
This favorite is in a call at the moment
This favorite is not currently connected to StarLeaf
This favorite is an iPad user and StarLeaf app is not currently open on the iPad. However, if you call this favorite, the iPad will ring and the call can be answered

Contacts using other systems (for example, they are not within your organization or they have phones made by manufacturers other than StarLeaf) have icons as follows:

Non-StarLeaf presence and speed dial icons
This is a guest user or a user in another organization
This is the contact’s home number
This is the contact’s mobile number
This is the contact’s ‘other’ number
This is the contact’s work number

These icons do not change the speed dial behavior on the phone. The speed dial lights on the phone only change in the following instances:

  • When a user is online, the speed dial light is green
  • When a user is offline, the speed dial light is off. In this case, the call goes straight to voicemail
  • When a user is set to do not disturb, the speed dial light is off