This page explains the different permissions that admins have in group chats. In both private and public groups, admins can:

Add people to the group

To add a user to an existing group:

  1. Go to i, the group details page.
  2. Go to Add member and type the user’s name.
  3. Select the user from the suggested results to add them to the group immediately.

To add someone from outside your organization to the group, type their full email address instead.

Group chats between organizations

You can invite users from different StarLeaf organizations to your group chats. External people can also add you to their StarLeaf group chats.

When there are external members in your group, or when you are in another organization’s group, you will see a fixed notification underneath the group name. Additionally, the members list on the group details page is divided into external members and members from your organization.

Remove people from the group

To remove a user from a group:

  1. Go to i, the group details page.
  2. In the members list, select the user you want to remove.
  3. Select Remove from group to remove this person immediately.

If a user leaves or is removed from a private group, the chat history and shared files in the group chat are no longer accessible or visible to that user.

Make another person an admin

An admin of a group can promote another group member from inside their organization to admin and also demote someone from admin. External group members cannot be admins.

To make another person an admin:

  1. Go to i, the group details page.

  2. Select the member you want to make an admin.
  3. Select Make group admin.

If you want to remove a member’s admin status, take the same steps as above and select Demote from admin.

When an admin leaves a group

In a group’s information panel, members are listed in the order of when they originally joined or were added to the group. If a member leaves and rejoins, they regain their original position in the order.

There must always be at least one admin in a group. If the only admin happens to leave a group, admin rights are automatically transferred to the member from the same organization in the list who joined the group first. For example, if the group creator is the only admin in a group and leaves the group, the member who joined or was added to the group immediately after the creator automatically becomes the admin.

Change the group privacy

A private group is only visible to people who are invited to join by a group admin. A public group is visible to people within your organization and these users can join without an invitation.

To change a group’s privacy from private to public or the other way:

  1. Go to i, the group details page.
  2. Select the Privacy dropdown and choose either Private or Public.

Change messaging permissions

Requires apps 5.1 and Portal 6.12

When you create a group chat, admins can choose to allow all members or only admins to send messages and start meetings in that group. Message broadcast groups are a great way to communicate company-wide announcements and important information.

To change who can send messages and start meetings in a group:

  1. Open the Information panel.
  2. Choose a setting from the Who can send messages and start meetings dropdown menu: