File sharing allows you to send and receive all types of files such as images, videos, and documents in the StarLeaf app.

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How to share files

To share a file from StarLeaf:

  1. Go to the Chats tab, and select the person or group that you want to send a file to.
  2. Select the paperclip icon next to the type field.

  3. Choose the file that you want to send.

  4. Write a message in the type field (this is optional), then send.

In desktop versions, it is possible to drag and drop a file into the type field

How to view a shared file

When you receive a file from another user in StarLeaf, it appears in your chat with that user (or group).

To download the file:

  1. Select the cloud icon in the middle of the file.

  2. Select the file again to view it.

It is not yet possible to delete a shared file from a chat.

Auto download files

StarLeaf automatically downloads shared files when your device is connected to a WiFi network or ethernet connection.

StarLeaf will only automatically download files that are 2MB or less.

Supported file types and sizes

File sharing in the StarLeaf app supports all types of files – images (e.g. JPG, PNG, & GIF), videos (e.g. MP4, AVI) and documents (e.g. PDF, DOC, & DOCX).

The maximum file size that can be shared is 1GB.

As shown in the image above, file size and type are displayed on the image in the bottom left and right-hand corners.

How to view your cloud storage

You can view your cloud storage from the Account tab in StarLeaf.

There are three headings under Your cloud storage:

  • Allowance: the total storage allowance for your organization
  • Remaining: the total storage remaining and available to use by your organization
  • You are using: the storage amount that only you are using