Spotlight meetings are included in a Business or Enterprise host plan only. On this page:

About Spotlight meetings

In a Spotlight meeting, a chosen participant (or participants) is added to spotlight by the meeting organizer as shown in the participants panel below. Anyone who is not added to spotlight by the meeting organizer remains in the audience.

Everyone in the meeting can see and hear the person (or people) in spotlight. Everyone in the audience has their microphone muted and their video turned off so they cannot be seen or heard by other participants in the audience. If there is only one person in spotlight, they see the audience, but cannot hear them. If multiple people are in spotlight, then they only see and hear each other.

Up to 300 participants can join a Spotlight meeting.

How to schedule a Spotlight meeting

You can schedule a Spotlight meeting from StarLeaf app or a StarLeaf scheduler. There is an optional setting that makes your meeting a Spotlight meeting when you select it. To do this, schedule a meeting:

  1. In your StarLeaf app, select the plus icon and New meeting. If you are using a StarLeaf scheduler, create a new StarLeaf meeting from your Outlook calendar.
  2. Complete the meeting detail fields.
  3. Go to Advanced settings and tick the box beside Spotlight.
  4. Select OK to schedule your Spotlight meeting.

How to start a Spotlight meeting

The meeting organizer must join the Spotlight meeting using StarLeaf app (Windows PC or Mac only). The organizer must add at least one participant to spotlight to start the meeting.

If no one is added to spotlight, audience participants remain on the waiting screen.

To start a Spotlight meeting as a meeting organizer:

  1. Join the meeting (on StarLeaf app).
  2. Select the Add to spotlight button beside a participant. This moves the participant from the audience into spotlight and the meeting automatically starts.
  3. Note: You can add more than one person to spotlight if you need to. There is no limit.

Meeting organizer controls

If you are the meeting organizer, you have specific controls that other participants do not. These controls are described below.

Add a participant to the meeting. If someone has not been invited or has not joined the meeting, you can search for them in your directory and add them using this control.
Move a participant into spotlight. When you move someone into spotlight, this makes them visible and audible to everyone in the meeting.
Remove a participant from spotlight. This places the person into the audience and mutes them.

Mute a spotlight participant’s microphone.

Note: You cannot unmute a participant in the audience.

Unmute a spotlight participant’s microphone. To unmute a participant in spotlight so that everyone in the meeting can hear them, select this button. You can mute them again afterward if you wish.
Note: If a participant has muted themselves, you cannot unmute them.
Remove a participant from the meeting.

Spotlight controls

When a participant or room system is in spotlight, they can use all their usual meeting controls.

How to share your screen

Participants and room systems can share their screen while in spotlight:

For more information on how to do this, see Share your screen.

The video layout for participants in the audience, and other participants in spotlight, is dependent on the meeting layout selected by the meeting organizer when the meeting was scheduled. However users can change this video layout on an individual basis, at any time. For more information, go to Meeting layouts.

Audience participant controls

If you are a participant in the audience, you have the following controls:

Raise hand when you want to say something in the meeting. The meeting organizer receives a notification and can choose to add you to spotlight so that everyone can see and hear you.
Lower hand when you no longer want the meeting organizer to add you to spotlight.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many people can be in a Spotlight meeting?

A. Up to 300 participants.

Q. How many people can be added to spotlight to present?

A. Up to 300 participants but it is not likely that this many people will be presenting.

Q. Are Spotlight meetings the same as town hall meetings?

A. Yes; people also refer to them as large meetings, all-hands meetings or company updates.

Q. I’m the meeting organizer. Can I start the Spotlight meeting on my mobile StarLeaf app?

A. No. You must use StarLeaf app for Windows or Mac to start the meeting.

Q. Can users from other StarLeaf organizations join my Spotlight meetings?

A. Yes. StarLeaf users from other organizations can join your Spotlight meetings but cannot raise/lower their hands.

Q. Can guests who do not use StarLeaf join Spotlight meetings?

A. Yes. Participants using Guest Join can join Spotlight meetings and can raise/lower their hands.