Dial into a meeting using your phone for voice and sound, and a browser for viewing the meeting. Joining in this way is useful if you do not have a microphone in your computer.

To join using phone audio and browser video: 

  1. Open your StarLeaf invite (this can be found either in your email or on a StarLeaf scheduled calendar event).
  2. Click More ways to join your meeting. Your default browser opens.

  3. Click Phone audio and browser video.

  4. Select the region from which you are calling, using the drop down menu.

  5. Dial the displayed number using your phone.
  6. Enter the meeting ID into your phone when prompted. Your phone’s audio and microphone is now being used for the meeting.
  7. Click View in web browser from your computer.
  8. Enter your name.

  9. Click Join meeting.

You can share your screen while in the meeting, however all other controls will not be available. For the full StarLeaf meeting experience, download the app here .