You can join any meeting using StarLeaf app, available on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices.

Join from an invite

  1. Open your StarLeaf invite (this can be found either in your email or on a StarLeaf scheduled calendar event).
  2. Select Join this video meeting using StarLeaf. Your default browser opens.

  3. Open StarLeaf. (If you do not have a StarLeaf account, a StarLeaf file will download. For more information, go to Guest Join.)

  4. Configure settings on the pre-meeting screen.

  5. Click Join now.

Join with the green button

Ten minutes before a meeting is due to start, a green Join button appears on the Meetings tab of your StarLeaf app. Select Join to join the meeting.

Join with meeting ID

  1. Find out the meeting ID by either opening a StarLeaf invite or asking the meeting organizer.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab on your StarLeaf app.

  3. Click the Join control.
  4. Enter the meeting ID.

  5. Click Join.

Meeting lobby behavior

If you are the first participant to join a meeting, or your organizer has set the meeting to only start when they join, you enter the meeting lobby:

The meeting lobby shows a full screen self-view and tells you whether:

  • You are the only participant in the meeting
  • You are waiting for the meeting organizer to join
  • The meeting is locked

You can adjust your Layout and AV settings while waiting in the meeting lobby.

When another participant joins, you automatically leave the meeting lobby and the meeting starts: