You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a StarLeaf room. MS Teams meeting invites and calendar events contain the dialing information that allow you to join a meeting from your StarLeaf room system touchscreen.

How to join an MS Teams meeting from StarLeaf rooms

  1. Go to your MS Teams meeting invite or calendar event.
  2. Look for Join with a video conferencing device as shown in the example below.
  3. Take note of the video address and conference ID. In the example above, these are and 1291903084 respectively.
  4. On your StarLeaf touchscreen controller, select Call (or Dialer if you are using a Touch 2045).
  5. Using the touchscreen keyboard, type the video address in the format
  6. Press Call on the touchscreen.
  7. When the call connects, a BlueJeans lobby screen appears.

  8. Enter the 10-digit conference ID from the MS Teams invite.
  9. Press # to submit the conference ID. It may take about 10 seconds to join the meeting.