You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a StarLeaf room. MS Teams meeting invites and calendar events contain the dialing information that allow you to join a meeting from your StarLeaf room system touchscreen.

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How to join an MS Teams meeting from StarLeaf rooms

  1. Go to your MS Teams meeting invite or calendar event.
  2. Look for Join with a video conferencing device as shown in the example below.
  3. Take note of the video address and conference ID. In the example above, these are [email protected] and 1291903084 respectively.
  4. On your StarLeaf touchscreen controller, select Call (or Dialer if you are using a Touch 2045).
  5. Using the touchscreen keyboard, type the video address in the format [email protected]
  6. Press Call on the touchscreen.
  7. When the call connects, a BlueJeans lobby screen appears.

  8. Enter the 10-digit conference ID from the MS Teams invite.
  9. Press # to submit the conference ID. It may take about 10 seconds to join the meeting.

Other video conferencing dial-in options for MS Teams meetings

Use the dial-in addresses in the table below for alternate VTC options for the Teams interop service.

Where the dial-in strings say {tenantkey} and {conferenceid}, enter your appropriate tenant key and conference ID respectively and without brackets.

Primary dial-in string Example
{tenantkey}.{conferenceid} [email protected]
Numeric dial-in string Example
{tenantkey}.{conferenceid}@ [email protected]
Polycom Examples{tenantkey}#{conferenceid}{tenantkey}#{conferenceid}
Cisco Examples
{tenantkey}*{conferenceid} 601401045*[email protected]
{tenantkey}*{conferenceid}@ 601401045*[email protected]
Lifesize Examples{tenantkey}#{conferenceid}{tenantkey}#{conferenceid}