When you schedule a meeting, you can choose when your meeting takes place and who attends. Your invitees then receive email invites to your meeting.

How to schedule a meeting

To schedule a meeting:

  1. Go to the Today tab and select Schedule meeting:

    You are then directed to the StarLeaf Portal in your browser where all meeting management takes place:

  2. Add a Title and Description. These are included in the meeting invites.
  3. Set a date and time for your meeting. If this meeting will happen on a regular basis, you can set the meeting to repeat.
  4. Add Participants and Meeting Rooms. You can invite anyone with an email address. If participants do not already have StarLeaf, the ‘invite’ email describes how to sign up as a guest or join using a browser. The invite also describes how to join your conference from any other standards-based video conferencing equipment and includes PSTN (telephone) numbers for audio-only participants.
  5. Configure any Advanced settings
    • Private meeting title: If a meeting is private only the name of the meeting organizer appears beside the word Meeting in public spaces such as on the Join button of a room system touchscreen controller. Only the meeting organizer can edit the meeting settings in the Portal. Administrators cannot edit private meetings in the Portal.
    • If a meeting is set to public, both the name of the meeting and the meeting organizer are visible on the room system.
    • The Time zone for the meeting
    • The default Meeting layout. This can be overridden on an individual basis
    • Whether you want the meeting to be Private on shared calendars and room systems
    • Set whether you want the meeting to be a Spotlight meeting. For more information, see Spotlight meetings
    • Choose how you want to the meeting to start under the Keep people on hold until dropdown
    • If your organization has it enabled, tick Live stream to external platform to set up a broadcast of your meeting to a streaming provider such as YouTube. For more information, see Live streaming to external platform
  6. When you have finished setting up your meeting, click Apply at the bottom of the page.

    A meeting invite is sent to all participants with instructions on how to join the meeting.

If you are an Office 365 user, you can also schedule a meeting directly in Outlook. To do this, you will need the Office 365 add-in. If you are using Microsoft Exchange on-premise, you can use the StarLeaf Outlook add-in instead.