When you schedule your meeting in the StarLeaf Portal, you choose when your meeting takes place and who attends. Your invitees receive email invites to your meeting.

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If you use StarLeaf app, you are still directed to the Portal or another scheduler to schedule meetings.

You can join scheduled meetings as soon as they are created, and for up to four weeks after the scheduled end time. This is especially useful if you want to join a meeting early to be prepared.

How to schedule a meeting

To schedule a meeting using StarLeaf Portal:

  1. Either:
    • go to portal.starleaf.com and log in (using your email address and the password you created when you activated your StarLeaf account)
    • if you are a StarLeaf app user, go the Meetings tab in the app, select Schedule. This takes you to Meetings page in the StarLeaf Portal
  2. Select Schedule meeting.
  3. Add a Title and Description. Meeting invite emails will include these details.
  4. If you want to record the meeting and your organization has purchased the recording solution, select Record meeting.
  5. Set the time and date for your meeting.
  6. To invite people, type names into the Invitees field. Or, you can enter an email address. Everyone will receive an invite that describes the different ways to join your meeting.
  7. If there are Room systems in your organization, you can add one or more.
  8. If you want to configure settings such as meeting privacy and layout, select the Advanced settings drop-down.
  9. To schedule your meeting, select OK.

Advanced settings

In the advanced settings drop-down, you can configure the meeting privacy, hold option, time zone, and video layout.

  • Private: Check this box to create a private meeting.

If a meeting is private:

  • only the name of the meeting organizer appears beside the word Meeting in public spaces such as on the Join button of a room system touchscreen controller
  • only the meeting organizer can edit the meeting settings in the Portal. Administrators cannot edit private meetings in the Portal

If a meeting is set to public, both the name of the meeting and the meeting organizer are visible on the room system.

  • Keep people on hold until: Use this setting to determine whether people are able to talk to each other before you join the meeting
  • Time zone: If you are in a different time zone to the one displayed here, correct it. This ensures that invitees know the correct time for your meeting

  • Layout : You can choose a layout for the meeting. Video layouts are described in Meeting layouts

Up to 100 participants can join a StarLeaf meeting. If you are interested in scheduling large, town-hall style meetings, see Spotlight meetings .