The StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Office 365 (‘O365’) allows all O365 users in an organization to schedule video meetings directly from their O365 client and Outlook web version.

For instructions on how to install the StarLeaf Scheduler and connect it to your calendar:

For admins:

How to schedule a meeting

If you do not have the StarLeaf Scheduler installed, see Install the StarLeaf Scheduler.

You can schedule a meeting directly from your O365 calendar:

  1. Click New event.

  2. Click the StarLeaf Scheduler icon in the top right-hand corner of the event window.

  3. Select Add video meeting.

  4. Complete the details of your meeting as you normally would.

  5. Click Send.

Participants receive an invite by email.

Additional meeting options

When you create a meeting, there is window that displays some additional options that you can use for your meeting.

Record meeting: If your organization has purchased the recording solution, you can select record meeting. You will be able to download and view the meeting again. For more information about the recording solution, go to Recording a meeting.

Video layout: This determines the layout of the video panes for the speaker and meeting participants. For a full description of the different layouts available, go to Meeting layouts.

Spotlight: This feature is useful for large meetings where only one or a few people will be talking or presenting but where there are many participants who want to view and listen. In a Spotlight meeting, only the participants in spotlight are visible and audible by default in the meeting. Audience participants are muted. For more information, go to Spotlight meetings.

About meeting invites

When a meeting is scheduled, each participant receives a meeting invite by email which provides instructions for all the different ways of joining a StarLeaf video meeting:

  • Using StarLeaf app
  • From a web browser
  • Using phone audio and browser video
  • From a meeting room system (StarLeaf, Cisco, Polycom, etc.)
  • From Skype for Business

Install the StarLeaf Scheduler

To download the StarLeaf Scheduler, go to the StarLeaf Scheduler page in Microsoft AppSource here .

  1. Select the blue Get It Now button.
  2. If you are not already signed in, sign into your Microsoft account in AppSource. The email address you use to sign in here must be the same as your StarLeaf account email address.
  3. Select Continue if you agree to the StarLeaf Scheduler terms and policies.
  4. Select Add.
  5. Select Continue.

The StarLeaf Scheduler begins installing. When it is successfully installed, follow the steps for Connect the StarLeaf Scheduler to your O365 calendar below.

Connect the StarLeaf Scheduler to your O365 calendar

When the StarLeaf Scheduler is installed, it must then be connected to your O365 calendar. To complete this one-time connection:

  1. Open your O365 client.
  2. In your O365 calendar, select Schedule beside the StarLeaf icon in the toolbar.
  3. Select Schedule meeting.
  4. Select Connect and enter your Microsoft credentials if you are prompted.
  5. Your StarLeaf account and O365 calendar are now connected.

    If you select Connect but have not yet signed up to StarLeaf, you are prompted to download StarLeaf. Follow the instructions provided by StarLeaf to sign up, then return to your O365 client for scheduling StarLeaf meetings.
    For more information about signing up to StarLeaf, see Signing into the app.

Connect the StarLeaf Scheduler to your O365 calendar (web app)

  1. Open the O365 web app in your browser.
  2. In your O365 calendar, select New event.
  3. In the event window, select the StarLeaf icon in the toolbar as shown below.
  4. If you do not see the StarLeaf icon in your toolbar, go to Add the StarLeaf Scheduler to your O365 calendar toolbar (web app).

  5. Select Connect to connect StarLeaf to your O365 calendar.
  6. In the Microsoft window that opens, select Yes to grant StarLeaf permission to access your O365 calendar for scheduling meetings.

Add the StarLeaf Scheduler to your O365 calendar toolbar (web app)

To add the StarLeaf Scheduler button to your calendar toolbar for easy scheduling:

  1. In your O365 calendar web app, go to Settings.
  2. Select View all Outlook settings.
  3. In Settings, go to the Calendar tab on the left-hand side (if you are not already on it).
  4. Select Customise actions.
  5. Tick the box beside StarLeaf as shown below.
  6. Select Save.

The StarLeaf Scheduler button now appears in the calendar toolbar.

Mass deploy the StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Office 365

For information on how to mass deploy the add-in to a group of users, go to Deploy Office add-ins in the Office 365 admin center .