This article describes how to call from a third-party H.323 or SIP endpoint registered to StarLeaf. Refer to How to call between H.323 / SIP and StarLeaf endpoints for calling StarLeaf endpoints from a non-registered H.323 or SIP endpoint.

When a third-party H.323 or SIP endpoint has been registered to StarLeaf:

  • You can dial a number: Simply dial the number
  • You can dial an extension: Dial the four-digit extension number
  • You can dial into a meeting: Dial the seven-digit meeting ID for a StarLeaf meeting or use the dialing details for any other conferencing service
  • You can dial a video address that might be a series of letters, numbers or symbols

Dialing a number or extension

You can simply dial a number. You can also dial an extension number for a user in your organization, and make PSTN calls, if your organization is configured to allow this.

You might have been given a prefix to use when you want to dial out onto the public telephone network. For example, in some companies you are told to “dial 9 for an outside line”. Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative.

Dialing into a meeting

When a StarLeaf meeting is scheduled, a seven-digit meeting ID is created for this meeting. Dial this meeting ID from your StarLeaf-registered endpoint to dial into the meeting. If the scheduled meeting isn’t a StarLeaf meeting, use the dialing details for that conferencing service to access the meeting from your endpoint.

If a meeting has been scheduled with people outside of your organization, a meeting invite is sent to them. All dialing information for how to dial into the meeting, regardless of which endpoint they are dialing from, is also provided for the participant. This means that a participant can dial from existing video conferencing equipment if they prefer.

Dialing addresses that include letters or symbols

You might need to dial someone who has a video address that includes letters or numbers and symbols. This might be known as a URI or it might be an IP address.

Who can you call?

You can call:

  • anyone in your company who has a StarLeaf endpoint (either the StarLeaf app or a hardware endpoint)
  • anyone outside your company who has a StarLeaf endpoint; just dial their email address
  • anyone else. If someone does not have a StarLeaf endpoint, you can still have a video call with them. If they already have video conferencing equipment, they can call you using your external video address (or you can call them if you know their video address or URI)
  • any conference using either the seven-digit meeting ID or dialing details for that conferencing service

An external video address is the one that can be used by people outside your organization who are using H.323 devices or SIP devices, or Skype for Business clients that are routable on the Internet. You can log into the StarLeaf Portal and navigate to Edit user > Dialing information to find your external video address. By default, StarLeaf autocompletes this address. However, if you require, you can edit the first part of the address.

Refer to the topic StarLeaf video addresses for more information on external video addresses.