If you are in a Skype for Business meeting on the GTm, you might encounter a situation where you are not an ‘allowed presenter’. In these situations, the Share my PC screen button is active but, when pressed, does not change the state of the button.

The reason why this occurs is a conflict with the Skype for Business add-in for Outlook. The add-in presents a Skype Meeting Options window with an Allowed Presenters option. The default setting is that only participants who are members of the meeting owner’s organization are allowed to be presenters, and all external participants are not allowed to present. For this reason, a GTm that joins an external meeting finds that their Share my PC screen button does not work.

To allow sharing in this situation, the meeting owner must change the Skype Meeting Options to the correct presenter option before the start of the meeting by setting it to either:

  • Anyone from my organization: to allow anyone to present, or
  • People I choose: only specific people expected to present during the meeting