There are two ways to join a conference call: join an ad hoc conference or join a scheduled conference.

Joining a scheduled conference

If you are invited to a conference that is scheduled on the GTm, the details of that conference are listed on the touchscreen controller. The details are shown on the Join Now button on the day of the scheduled conference. The behavior of the Join Now button varies depending on the details of the conference:

  • If there are no scheduled conferences for the day, the touchscreen and main display indicate no meetings scheduled
  • If there is a scheduled conference for the day, the name of the next conference and the time it starts is displayed
  • If you receive invitations to two overlapping conferences, the details of the first conference due to start is displayed. When the first conference has ended, the details of the second conference are displayed
  • When the conference is due to take place in ten minutes or less, the Join Now button is lit green and, instead of the time, displays how many minutes until the conference is due to start
  • When the conference starts, the Join Now button flashes. Anytime after the Join Now button lights green, you can click the button to join the conference

If a previously scheduled conference is deleted, the conference details are removed from the conference button.

Join Now behavior

The default message when there are no conferences scheduled.

The message displayed when a conference has been scheduled for that day.
The message displayed when a scheduled conference is due to start. The message displayed when a scheduled conference has started.

Joining an ad hoc conference

When someone adds you to a call, this is known as an ad hoc conference; the call behaves in the same way as a direct call. You receive a notification on your home screen with the details of the person who is trying to contact you. To accept the call, select answer call, and you are added directly to the conference.

If you do not want to join the conference, ignore or reject the call.