About contacts

Contacts are the people you want to call. Their contact details are available either because they are in the company directory or because you have added them as personal contacts.

Favorites are the contacts that you call most often. You decide who are your favorites. Favorites appear on your home screen as speed dials. You can see the ‘presence’ of your favorites (described below in Presence and other speed dial icons).

To access contacts, go to home screen > contacts.

About personal contacts

In addition to the global directory (to which everyone in your company has access), you can add personal contacts. To do so, you need to log in to the GTm’s Skype for Business/Lync account on a PC. There you can set up favorites and these appear as personal contacts on the GTm.

Creating favorites

To create a favorite contact:

  1. Click on home screen > contacts and click on someone in your personal contacts tab or company directory tab.
  2. Click the add to favorites button in the lower-left corner of the contact window.

When you have added the contact as a favorite, the add to favorites button no longer appears. Click on the favorites tab to see the new contact alongside all those you’ve already added. Each favorite appears as a speed dial on your home screen, up to thirteen contacts.

Deleting favorites

To delete a favorite:

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > favorites > edit.
  2. Select the icon next to the favorite and select delete.

Presence and other speed dial icons

Speed dials are displayed on the home screen with icons:

Presence and speed dial icons
This favorite is available
This favorite is in a call or busy at the moment
This favorite is marked as do not disturb
This favorite has their status set to: Be right back, Off work, or Away
This favorite has been disconnected or is currently not signed in to Lync/Skype for Business

Contacts not in your organization or using other systems have the following icon:

This is a guest user