There are two models of GTm: GTm 5250 and GTm 5140. How users connect a laptop differs depending on which model you have. Each is described below.

On the GTm 5250

When you are in a video call you can share your laptop’s display with the other people in a call, for example if you want to share what you are working on. Additionally, you can share your laptop to present to the room, rather than being in a video call.

To do so, your laptop must be connected to the GTm. Usually, your IT administrator will have left a cable in the meeting room to which you can connect your laptop. If this is not the case, you need to consult your IT administrator, or refer to How to install the 5250. The GTm system includes a number of adaptors to suit different PC video outputs (HDMI, VGA, DVI-D).

Additionally, you can connect an HDMI source to Computer In 1 on the rear of the codec. This can be useful where you have a permanent digital source that you want to connect to the GTm, for example an Apple TVĀ or whiteboard.

When you are in a meeting, you can select to share content using the touchscreen controller. If more than one source is connected, the GTm displays content from the most-recently connected source.

On the GTm 5140

There are three scenarios for sharing content from a laptop:

  • Using a sharing device attached to the laptop to share content and audio
  • Using Skype for Business to present content from your laptop to the GTm room
  • Using Skype for Business to present content from your laptop to a scheduled conference

Each of the above scenarios is described below.

You may also find that you are initially presenting content from your laptop to a room but need to present to a larger group after you’ve begun. In this case, you need to schedule a conference and follow the steps listed in Presenting to a scheduled conference without a sharing device.