This is the user interface home screen of the StarLeaf touchscreen controller:

To display the home screen of the touchscreen controller from any other of its other screens, press the Home button. To access the settings, double-press the Home button.

If you are an existing customer using a touchscreen controller with an older user interface and would like to have the new UI as shown above, please contact StarLeaf Support.

Camera control for the PTZ camera

The camera control tab on the home screen provides you with controls for the PTZ camera.

The near-end camera control (my camera) allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera. This control is available both in a call and before you make a call. If the far end is using a PTZ camera, you might be able to control it yourself using the far-end camera control (their camera). If control of their camera is not possible, the button text will say this, as shown in the example above.

Camera presets are pre-defined camera positions. For example, a pre-defined position that points the camera at the whiteboard, or that changes the camera to a wide-angled view. Select the position you require from the touchscreen controller.