This is the home screen of the touchscreen controller:

To display the home screen of the touchscreen controller from any other of its other screens, press the Home button. In the picture above, this system is assigned to the London meeting room and its extension is 1138.

To access the settings, double-press the Home button.

Forwarding calls and Do not disturb

To forward calls either to voice mail or to another phone number, use the Call acceptance slider.

By default, StarLeaf Cloud meeting room systems do not have voice and video mail enabled.

To set the status of the Group Telepresence system to ‘do not disturb’ move the Call acceptance slider to do not disturb. If other users have the meeting room set as a favorite, they can see that the room is busy because the meeting room name is displayed on their home screen with a ‘busy’ icon.

If the Group Telepresence system does not have voicemail, then setting the touchscreen controller to do not disturb causes a ‘busy’ tone for anyone attempting to call this system. If voicemail is enabled for this meeting room system, the call will be immediately diverted to the mailbox.

To forward calls to another phone number, move the Call acceptance slider to forward calls. Choosing to forward calls means that anyone who has this system as a favorite can see that you have forwarded the calls. When you choose to forward calls, you see the following controls:

Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative.

Camera control for the PTZ camera

The Camera Control tab on the home screen provides you with controls for the PTZ camera. (You will not see these controls if you are using a GT Mini with a USB camera.)

Camera control on the Group Telepresence 3351:

Camera control on the GT Mini 3330:

The near-end camera control allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera. This control is available both in a call and before you make a call. If the far end is using a PTZ camera, you might be able to control it yourself using the far-end camera (their camera) control.

Camera presets are pre-defined camera positions. For example, a pre-defined position that points the camera at the whiteboard, or that changes the camera to a wide-angled view. Select the position you require from the touchscreen controller.

If you have more than one camera attached to the Group Telepresence 3351, the active camera selector allows you to select which camera you want to use.