When you are in a video call you can show your laptop’s display, for example if you want to share what you are working on. To do so, your laptop must be connected to the Group Telepresence system. Usually, your IT administrator will have left a cable in the meeting room to which you can connect your laptop. If this is not the case, you need to consult your IT administrator, or refer to How to install GT Mini or How to install GT 3351. The Group Telepresence system includes a number of adapters to suit different PC video outputs (HDMI, VGA, DVI-D).

Sharing the display

To share your laptop’s display:

  1. Ensure you have connected your laptop to the Group Telepresence codec using the supplied cable.
  2. Make a video call.
  3. On the touchscreen controller, press share screen:

    The display appears in one screen (connected to Video Out HDMI port 1 on the rear of the codec), and the view of the conference appears in the other screen. If there is only one telepresence screen, the display is the main view and the video shows in a picture-in-picture view. You can change what you see in a video call using the controls on the touchscreen controller (refer to Using in-call features).

    If you only have one screen, the main view is the PC display and the view of the other participants is in PiP view in the corner of the screen

  4. To change the view you see, use the display tab on the touchscreen controller:

    The display tab is described in greater detail in Using in-call features.

    Sharing the audio

    If you are using the GT Mini or the Group Telepresence 3351, you can also share the audio from your laptop. There are two ways to do so:

    • Connect the laptop using an HDMI cable. This allows you to connect your laptop via HDMI to the DVI-I connector on the rear of the room system for the purpose of sharing audio and video. From Cloud 7.1, audio-in on the DVI-I connector is enabled by default. If your room system pre-dates Cloud 7.1, contact StarLeaf Support to enable audio-in on this connector
    • Connect the laptop’s audio-out to the 3.5mm audio-in connector on the rear of the room system

    For further information about this, refer to How to install GT Mini or How to install GT 3351.