Every room system comes with a touchscreen controller: the StarLeaf Touch 2035. You use the touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with the room system. Through the touchscreen controller, you can access the directory and contacts. You can use the touchscreen controller to create ad hoc conferences, and to add and remove participants.

There are currently two versions of the StarLeaf Touch 2035 user interface.

The original UI:

The new UI:

If you are an existing customer, please contact StarLeaf Support if you would like to have your room systems use the new user interface.

The figures below shows the features on the front of the StarLeaf Touch 2035.

Front panel features and controls

Audio mute Toggle the microphone on and off. The button lights when the microphone is off. When you are in a call and your audio mute is on, nobody can hear what you are saying (your audio is disabled)
Video mute

Toggle the camera on and off. The button is an LED that lights when the camera is off. When you are in a video call and the video mute is on, nobody in the call can see you (your video is disabled)

Home Press to display the home screen of the touchscreen controller from any screen in the interface. Double-press to access the touchscreen controller’s settings
Audio volume downPress during a call to decrease audio volume or, if you are not in a call, press to decrease the loudness of the ringer
Audio volume up Press during a call to increase audio volume or, if you are not in a call, press to increase the loudness of the ringer
Press to answer an incoming call. At other times, press to access the dial screen and the directory
Hang upPress to end the current call

Out-of-hours power saving for touchscreen controllers

The backlight on a touchscreen controller dims between the hours of 7pm and 7am in the endpoint’s local timezone. When a touchscreen controller is dimmed, it shows a screen saver displaying the time. Touching the dimmed screen causes the backlight to light again. A touchscreen does not dim for one hour after the last time it was touched.

Power saving is automatically enabled for all touchscreen controllers. There is no configuration.

Audio connections

For more information about audio, refer to: