There are three types of conference:

  • ad hoc conferences: ad hoc conferences start immediately. You create an ad hoc conference when you are in a call; simply press create conference on your control panel:

    You can then add another person to your call. You can have up to 5 participants in an ad hoc conference. Ad hoc conferences are also known as QuickMeet conferences
  • scheduled conferences: a scheduled conference begins at a particular time. Participants receive invites and instructions on how to join. Participants can join a scheduled conference in the following ways:
    • click a link to join from a browser
    • download Breeze and click to join
    • join using a StarLeaf room or desktop system
    • join using third-party video conferencing equipment
    • join as an audio-only participant from a telephone (PSTN)
  • permanent conferences: This is the same as a scheduled conference but without a date and time. A permanent conference is a virtual meeting room that anyone can dial into at any time (sometimes known as a meet-me). Permanent conferences have the same features as scheduled conferences (invites, interoperability, PSTN dial-in, etc.). The dialing details never change and the conference is always joinable