StarLeaf room systems allow you to share content from your laptop to the screens in the room and to any remote participants.

How to share your screen

  1. Connect your laptop to the room system.
    Usually, there is a cable in the meeting room which connects to your laptop. There may also be a number of adapters to suit different PC video outputs (HDMI, VGA, DVI-D). If you cannot connect your laptop, you need to consult your IT administrator.
  2. Join a meeting or make a video call.
  3. On the touchscreen controller, press share screen:

    In a room with two screens, your content appears in one screen and the view of the meeting appears in the other. If there is only one screen, your content is the main view and the meeting appears in a smaller pane.

  4. To change the layout, use the display tab on the touchscreen controller:

    For more information about the screen layout, refer to Using in-call features.

    Share audio

    StarLeaf room systems allow you to share audio from your laptop. There are two ways to do this:

    • Connect the laptop using an HDMI cable. This allows you to connect your laptop via HDMI to the DVI-I connector on the rear of the room system for the purpose of sharing audio and video. From Cloud 7.1, audio-in on the DVI-I connector is enabled by default
    • Connect the laptop’s audio-out to the 3.5mm audio-in connector on the rear of the room system

    For further information about this, refer to How to install GT Mini or How to install GT 3351.