Encore recording is an enhancement to the StarLeaf Cloud conferencing service.

Scheduled meetings can be recorded:

  • You can choose whether or not a meeting is recorded from the StarLeaf Portal. In this case, the recording starts when the meeting starts, and ends when the meeting ends
  • You can also choose to record a meeting directly from a StarLeaf endpoint. If you are using a StarLeaf endpoint, you can also start and stop the recording from the StarLeaf endpoint and this is regardless of whether or not the meeting was selected to be recorded in the StarLeaf Portal

Participants who are being recorded are able to see a ‘recording in process indicator’. This is a red dot in the top right corner of the conference view.

Recordings can be downloaded from the StarLeaf Portal and distributed as mp4 files (audio codec: AAC, video codec: H.264). The estimated compression rate is 500 MB per hour or 1.1 Mbps (both after post processing) but bear in mind that this is subject to video motion. Note that the time out for long recordings is 12 hours. Only the conference owner can download the recording.

In an organization that has purchased the StarLeaf Encore solution, recording is available to all users. Users can only see their own recordings in the Portal (go to: Recordings). Admins are able to see all recordings.

The image below shows the start/stop recording option on the touchscreen controller.

Any participant using a StarLeaf endpoint can start or stop a recording, but only the conference owner can download the recording. Only the conference owner and admin user can view the recording.

The image below shows the Record conference option on the StarLeaf Portal.