The information below describes how to schedule and view live streaming. For admin information, go to Live streaming requirements.

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About live streaming

Live streaming is a broadcast of a Spotlight meeting. Anyone can access the live broadcast through a unique link that opens a web page with an embedded video player. This feature is useful if you want allow a wide audience to view a live meeting, discussion, or company update.

If your organization has the recording solution enabled, you can set live streams to record. Recordings can be downloaded from the meeting organizer’s Portal after the stream has ended. For more information, see Recording.

How to schedule a live stream

To create a live stream link for your meeting, you must schedule a Spotlight meeting:

  1. In your StarLeaf app, select the plus icon and New meeting.
  2. Complete the meeting detail fields.
  3. Select Advanced settings.
  4. Tick the box beside Spotlight.
  5. Tick the box beside Live stream.
  6. Select Apply. The Portal page updates.
  7. To view your live stream link, scroll to the bottom of the page to Dialing information. You can copy and share this link with anyone who you would like to view the live stream.
  8. You will also receive an email with a copy of the live stream link as shown below. Only meeting organizers receive this email but you can forward or share the email to your intended audience for the live broadcast.

For more information about Spotlight meetings in general, click here .

How to access the live stream

To watch a live stream of a meeting select the live stream link that was sent to you. If you are the meeting organizer you can find the link in your Portal as described in the previous section.

The link opens a web page in your browser and shows a countdown until the start of the Spotlight meeting.

When it is the scheduled start time but the Spotlight meeting has not yet started, you will see a wait screen such as the one below.

The live stream only begins when the meeting organizer starts the Spotlight meeting by adding the presenter to spotlight. For more information about starting a Spotlight meeting, click here .

Mute status

In some circumstances, you may notice that live streams are muted when you first open them in your browser.

Both Firefox and Chrome browsers mute audio and video streams by default as part of a security update so you may need to manually unmute the streams. After you unmute streams a few times, your browser should remember this choice and streams will eventually open unmuted by default.

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