A Conference License allows you to have, at the same time:

  • one QuickMeet (ad hoc) conference
  • AND
  • one in-use scheduled OR permanent conference

An ‘in-use permanent conference’ means that one or more participants are currently dialed in. This means that you can create any number of conferences, either scheduled or permanent. Those conferences can overlap in time, but with only one Conference License, only one scheduled or permanent conference can have participants at any time.

A Conference License also allows you to have one QuickMeet conference, and this can be in use at the same time as the scheduled conference.

Also available: A QuickMeet License which only allows one QuickMeet conference and no scheduled conferences.

There are two types of Conference License which determine the maximum number of participants that you can have in a scheduled or permanent conference at any one time:

  • Standard Conference License: allows up to 20 participants
  • Premium Conference License: allows up to 50 participants

Conferencing features

The Conferencing License also includes:

  • StarLeaf app (software endpoint) for everyone in your organization
  • Everyone in your organization can schedule their own conferences
  • All scheduled meetings have global audio dial-in numbers
  • Interoperability with standards-based video conferencing equipment.
  • Scheduled meeting invitations provide details of how to join from third-party equipment (Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Skype for Business, etc.)
  • Click-to-Call browser video calling is available for all scheduled meetings
  • Scheduling using StarLeaf Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Additional option: Recording