A person who wants to join a StarLeaf meeting (and who does not have their own video equipment) can use Click-to-Call to join the meeting. To learn more about the different ways of joining a meeting, go to How to join a meeting.

You can create your own Click-to-Call link and put it in your email signature which will allow email recipients dial you directly from a web browser.

Creating a Click-to-Call link

To create your own Click-to-Call link, you must be a StarLeaf user. If you are not yet a user, sign up to StarLeaf. Download it here .

The Click-to-Call URL has the following format:

https://portal.starleaf.com/webrtc?target=<email address>

The at (@) symbol must be entered as %40. So, for example, a Click-to-Call link for Alexis Reena from Xampleco looks like this:


Click-to-Call in email signatures

Use the Click-to-Call me image below to create a Click-to-Call button in your email signature.

Here are some examples of how to create a Click-to-Call link in email signatures for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook:

Troubleshooting Click-to-Call

Error Message Description

An internal error occurred when connecting your call. Contact StarLeaf Support

If you are using the Chrome browser to make a video call and you see this error message, it is possible that your call has been blocked by a Chrome extension called Privacy Badger. Disable the extension and retry the call