About voice and video mail

The home screen indicates if you have received new messages. In the picture below, you have received one new message:

When you select the messages button on the home screen, you see the messages display:

When you use the voice and video mail system, an IVR guides you through the options.

Accessing voice or video mail messages

To access voice or video mail messages:

  1. Go to home screen > messages.
  2. Select the listing of the message to which you want to listen.

To skip to the end of an IVR prompt, press # (the pound or hash symbol).

Setting a greeting for your voice and video mail

To set a greeting for your voice and video mail:

  1. Go to home screen > messages.
  2. Select greeting and follow the audio prompts.

Forwarding a message

You can forward a voice or video mail message to another extension number. To do so:

  1. Dial the voicemail system. (You can find it in the contacts if you scroll to the end of the list of contacts in the directory.)
  2. Follow the IVR instructions to:
    1. Choose to listen to the message that you want to forward.
    2. Select to forward that message.

Configuring other voice and video mail settings

To ensure the security of your voice and video mail box, you are advised to change your security PIN. To do so, dial 2999 for the voicemail system and follow the IVR instructions. Your default security PIN is 0000.

You can also dial into the voicemail system and change your greeting and record you speaking your name.