When you click the ‘Share my PC screen’ button in StarLeaf Breeze, a scrollable window appears allowing you to select either your entire screen, or just a particular window, for sharing.

Because of the way that Microsoft Windows makes its displayed graphics available to StarLeaf Breeze, the particular window you are sharing has to be in the foreground, unobscured by other windows on your desktop. If you drag other windows over the one that you’re sharing, the other person can see the obscured area as white with red checks.

The screen shots below show the far end’s view of a shared browser window as normal, and with another window dragged partly and fully over it.

What the far end sees – shared window fully in the foreground

Shared window with another window dragged partly over it

Shared window fully covered by another window


The simple workaround is to avoid covering the shared window with other windows, or to share your entire desktop rather than an individual window. This behavior only affects Breeze when running on Microsoft Windows – Mac users are not affected.