You can make a call in a few different ways:

  • You can dial a number: Type a number into the dialing bar and select the dialing button
  • You can call one of your favorites: Press the speed dial for the favorite that you want to call
  • You can return a call: Go to home screen > recents and select the call you want to return
  • You can call someone in the company’s directory: Go to home screen > contacts > company directory and choose someone to call
  • You can call someone from your own personal contact list: Go to home screen > contacts > personal contacts
  • You can dial a video address that might be a series of letters, numbers or symbols

Dialing a number

To dial a number:

  1. Use your number keys on your computer keyboard to type the number you want to dial.
  2. Select the dialing button to cause Breeze to place the call.

You might have been given a prefix to use when you want to dial out onto the public telephone network. For example, in some companies you are told to “dial 9 for an outside line”. Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative.

Dialing a favorite

Favorites are the contacts that you call most often. You decide who your favorites are by creating a favorite from the company directory (or from your personal contacts). Favorites appear on your home screen as speed dials. For more information on calling favorites, refer to Contacts.

Redialing a recent call

To redial a call that you received recently:

  1. Select home screen > recent calls.
  2. Select the name of the person whom you want to call.

Searching in the company directory

Some companies have a lot of entries in the directory. In this case, you might find it easier to use the search facility. To do so:

  1. Go to home screen > contacts > company directory.
  2. Use the keyboard to type the name of the person you want to find.

As soon as you start typing, the search starts looking. You might only need to type the first letter of someone’s name to find them.

On the iPad, the search keyboard looks like this:

Dialing addresses that include letters or symbols

You might need to dial someone who has a video address that includes letters or numbers and symbols. (This might be known as a URI or it might be an IP address.) In this case:

  1. Type the letters, numbers, and symbols into the dialing bar on the home screen using your computer keyboard.
  2. Select the dialing button to make the call.

Your display looks like this:

The above information also applies where you want to call third-party video-conferencing equipment. For example, for dialing Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, Tandberg etc. endpoints. If you do not know how to dial somebody, send them an guest invite. This contains all the dialing information so that somebody can call you. You will then see their video address in your recent calls list. For more information, refer to Inviting a guest.

Who can you call?

You can call:

  • anyone in your company who has a StarLeaf endpoint (either the Breeze software or a hardware endpoint). These people are all in your contacts
  • anyone outside your company who has a StarLeaf endpoint; just dial their email address from your StarLeaf hardware video endpoint or from Breeze
  • anyone else. If someone has not got a StarLeaf endpoint, you can still have a video call with them. There are two ways of doing this:
    • Send them an invite and they can click a link to video call you from their web browser or they can install Breeze
    • If they already have video conferencing equipment, they can call you using that (or you can call them if you know their video address or URI)