Starting in March 2019, all users with Breeze will be upgraded to the StarLeaf app gradually, and Breeze will no longer be useable.

There are three different ways in which the Breeze to StarLeaf upgrade may occur for you. Read on to learn more about each scenario or contact your IT admin to find out which one applies to you.

1: Automatic upgrade

If you use a version of Breeze that was originally installed by you and not mass-installed by your organization admin, there are two possible scenarios that will happen when you open Breeze. This depends on whether or not StarLeaf is already installed on your computer. (You can download StarLeaf at any time from here .)

Select an option below to see what will happen during the Breeze to StarLeaf upgrade on your computer.

2: Admin installation

If Breeze was mass-installed by your organization’s admin then you cannot automatically upgrade to StarLeaf yourself. Your admin must uninstall Breeze across all machines and replace it with StarLeaf.

If this is the case, you will see a message that prompts you to contact the admin to uninstall Breeze and install StarLeaf.

3: Incompatible operating system

If StarLeaf is not installed and your computer does not meet StarLeaf’s operating system requirements, a message appears that prompts you to click a button which brings you to a web page with further details on these requirements.

For information about StarLeaf app OS requirements, go to Installing the StarLeaf app.


For frequently asked questions and answers about the Breeze to StarLeaf app upgrade, go to FAQs