You can upgrade your StarLeaf account to have a Pro, Business, or Enterprise license at any time on StarLeaf for desktop and mobile.

Upgrading from an iOS device is currently not available.

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About hosts

Every user can host an instant or scheduled meeting. When scheduling a meeting, hosts can set their meeting to start either when they join or when other users join. StarLeaf offers multiple host licenses that gives users more meeting controls and management tools for their organization.

For more information on all the available host licenses, see here .

If you are free user, then you automatically have a Basic license.

How to upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account from the Account tab on StarLeaf for desktop and mobile:

  1. Select Upgrade now.

    You are redirected to the StarLeaf Portal.
  2. Select Upgrade account:

  3. Fill out your order:

    • Host licenses: The type and amount of host licenses you want to purchase. You can only purchase one type of host license
    • Room connections: The type and amount of room systems you want to purchase. You can purchase any number of types of room system. For more information on room connection plans, see here
    • Regional selection: The country and currency you want to pay in

    You can not change the country or currency of your account for future orders after you have placed your first order.

  4. When you have finished filling out your order, click Continue.
  5. Fill out the billing details, and click Continue.

  6. Enter your card details. Note: After clicking Place order, the order is complete and you will be charged.
  7. Review the Order summary, and Place order. You are directed to the order summary page:

    From this page, you can view the order’s invoice. If you purchased multiple host licenses, you must now assign them.

When you have placed the order, you will be assigned as an organization Admin. Depending on the licenses and room subscriptions purchased, your StarLeaf Portal will now show additional tabs. For more information, see About your Admin Portal.