StarLeaf supports notifications such as sounds, banners, and app badges across all devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

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Notifications on iOS and Android

On mobile devices StarLeaf supports push notifications and these are configurable through the device settings. For example, on the iPhone, these settings look like this:

You can also mute notifications on a per-contact or per-group basis and then your device will not sound when you receive a new message from that contact or group.

To mute a contact or group, go to the info page for that contact or group and choose Mute contact. On an Android device, this looks like this:

Camera detection on Android

On Android devices you may sometimes see a notification saying that StarLeaf has been detected using Camera, even when you are not in a call:

StarLeaf app periodically scans for the presence and capabilities of a camera on your device, and when Android detects this scanning, it triggers that notification.

StarLeaf never uses your camera when not in call with StarLeaf app.

Notifications on Windows

To customize StarLeaf banner or pop-up notifications on a Windows computer, go to Settings > Notifications and actions settings > StarLeaf

Turn Show notification banners to off to prevent pop-up notifications from StarLeaf on your computer.

Red circle icon behavior

When you configure notifications as above, this does not affect the red circle icon that appears on top of the StarLeaf app in the Windows taskbar and system tray (see below).


System tray

If the red circle icon does not appear in your Taskbar and you would like it to, ensure that Use small taskbar buttons is turned off in your system settings.

Notifications on Mac

On a Mac, you configure StarLeaf push notifications through the Notification Center.