StarLeaf for Teams delivers seamless integration between Teams instant messaging and the audio and video meeting experience of StarLeaf.

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How StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams works

The StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams integration can be installed on individual teams in your client. When StarLeaf for Teams is installed on a team, you can type the command ‘@StarLeaf create‘ in a team channel. This creates a StarLeaf meeting and everyone in the channel receives a message which contains information on the different ways to join the meeting, for example, with the StarLeaf app, from a StarLeaf room system, with Skype for Business, or on a telephone.

Each Teams channel has an associated permanent StarLeaf meeting. This ensures that, where there is more than one channel, participants join the correct meeting and this operates as a permanent space for collaboration.

How to install StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams: for admins

Follow the instructions below to Enable StarLeaf for Teams in the Portal and Enable StarLeaf for Teams in your Microsoft Teams client.

Enable StarLeaf for Teams in the Portal

  1. Email and request that StarLeaf for Teams is enabled for your organization.
  2. Download the StarLeaf for Teams zip file from here .
  3. In the Portal, go to Integrations > Add integration.
  4. Under Type, select StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams.
  5. Select Apply and take note of the access token that is generated.

Enable StarLeaf for Teams in your Microsoft Teams client

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams client.
  2. Select the more options icon (three dots) beside the team that you want to add the integration to.
  3. Select Manage team.
  4. Go to the Apps tab and select Upload a custom app from the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  5. In your File Explorer or Finder, navigate to the downloaded StarLeaf for Teams zip file that you downloaded in Step 1 and select the file. StarLeaf for Teams appears in the list of apps in your MS Teams client.
  6. Go to the team’s General channel. The StarLeaf bot automatically posts a message into this channel.
  7. Double-click the StarLeaf for Teams bot icon to start a private conversation.
  8. Type help into the message field and select send.
  9. Type setup <access token> as shown below and select send.
  10. Go back to the team channel and type ‘@StarLeaf create‘. (Do not copy and paste. You must type this out fully in the message field).
  11. This command creates a StarLeaf meeting and posts the joining information in the channel for all participants to see.