You can manually add individual users in the StarLeaf Management Portal. This method might be useful to test a subset of users. You can decide to use Azure AD for user management at a later stage if you want to.

To add a user in the StarLeaf Management Portal:

  1. Go to the Users tab in the Portal, and click Add user.

  2. Fill out the following essential user information:
    • Email address: A user’s email address is the unique identifier for that user. The user receives an activation email to this email address. The email address is also a video address that any other StarLeaf user can dial to reach this user.
    • First name and Last name: A user’s first and last name are displayed in their StarLeaf app and are used for communication and meeting invite emails.
    • Mobile, Work, and/or Home number: You must add at least a mobile number for each user so that StarLeaf Standby can send broadcast messages and meeting invites by SMS to users during a failover.
    • Administrator for this organization: If enabled, this user has administrator privileges including the ability to add and edit users in the Portal, and view the details of all meetings and call detail records.
    • Video layout for ad hoc meetings:¬†Configure the default video layout for the user when they enter an ad hoc meeting. They can override this layout in the meeting using the in-call controls. Go to Meeting layouts for more information.

    The remaining settings such as Time zone and Video layout for ad hoc meetings are optional.

  3. Click Apply at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

All added users can be viewed, removed, or edited in the Users tab in the Portal.