Archiving a chat

Using Messaging
You can hide any one-to-one or group chat from your Chats tab, with archiving. Archiving requires Portal version 6.8 and app versions 4.8. To find out what version you are … Continued

Beta Features 2021

Managing StarLeaf releases
Expand/Collapse This page provides information about new features potentially coming to StarLeaf in 2021 that are released to certain organizations for final testing. Thank you for your participation. StarLeaf continuously … Continued

Edit your organization’s account

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
In this topic: Edit organization details Edit location settings Account settings Storage, recording and live streaming Advanced settings Meeting settings Feature availability Go to the Edit organization page on your … Continued

About permissions

Using Account and licenses
StarLeaf uses the camera, microphone, and screen recording functionality of your device. For voice and video calls, you must allow StarLeaf to have access to your camera and microphone. On … Continued

Chat wallpaper

Using Messaging
A background wallpaper is available in chat conversations. You can change your wallpaper on any device: Go to the Account tab, and select Chat wallpaper. Select the wallpaper you want … Continued

Browser Click-to-Call links

StarLeaf allows browser-based video calling. You can create links that, when clicked, cause a browser-based video call to be initiated. These links are URLs. To create the correct URL, you … Continued

Configuring the Cisco SX20 and C Series

Installing H.323 endpoints
Before you can register your Cisco endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the … Continued

Winter 2019

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Expand/Collapse On this page: Introduction New features Issues resolved Versions Introduction These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf meetings. This is a feature release … Continued

About the camera

Installing Group Telepresence 3351
Before you install the camera, read the safety information in the camera documentation. Ensure that the camera is using the correct settings according to the documentation that accompanies it as … Continued