Installing GT Mini Wall Mount 0230

Installing GT Mini 3330
The GT Mini Wall Mount is designed for StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 meeting room codec. It neatly houses all cables and power supplies and features an adjustable camera shelf . … Continued

Advanced settings for GT Mini

Installing GT Mini 3330
Depending on your StarLeaf organization settings, you can configure advanced room settings on your Admin Portal > Room systems > Edit room system. In this topic: Hardware endpoint settings Audio and video … Continued

Audio settings for GT Mini

Installing GT Mini 3330
The StarLeaf Portal allows configuration of Group Telepresence audio settings. To view audio settings: Log in to the Portal and go to Room systems.Select the pencil icon beside the Group … Continued

About the GT Mini codec

Installing GT Mini 3330
In this topic: Connectors and ports Using the correct HDMI and DVI cables Connecting your laptop to the codec Audio connectors and voltage levels Extending the camera cables Connectors and … Continued

Host license types

Using Account and licenses
If you are an admin and want to learn about assigning and removing host licenses to and from users in your organization, go to Manage host licenses. On this page: What … Continued

H.323 troubleshooter

Managing Troubleshooting StarLeaf
This troubleshooter provides solutions to common problems that can occur when using StarLeaf registered H.323 endpoints. My H.323 endpoint cannot connect to StarLeaf If your StarLeaf registered H.323 endpoint cannot … Continued

Installing Huddle

Installing StarLeaf Huddle
Before installing a StarLeaf Huddle room system, read the Huddle 3320 safety and compliance information. Pack contents and cable lengths How to install StarLeaf Huddle How to generate a QuickConnect … Continued

Provisioning Yealink VP59 with StarLeaf

Installing Yealink VP59
Follow the instructions below to install StarLeaf software on the Yealink VP59 video phone. Prequisites Right-click on and save the following files locally: Yealink ROM file CFG configuration file How … Continued

About meetings

Using StarLeaf room systems
You can collaborate in different types of meeting using StarLeaf. On this page: Meeting types About the meeting organizer About licenses and participant limits Meeting types There are four types … Continued