Spring 2020

Managing StarLeaf releases Earlier releases
Expand/Collapse Release status Spring 2020 was rolled out between the 14th and 29th March 2020. Subsequent updates to this release will roll out across the entire StarLeaf platform during maintenance … Continued

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

Integrating Microsoft
StarLeaf for Teams delivers seamless integration between Teams instant messaging and the audio and video meeting experience of StarLeaf. Select a topic below to learn more about using and installing … Continued

Summer 2021

Managing StarLeaf releases
Expand/Collapse This page is also available in the following languages: Français Deutsch Release status Summer 2021 is currently being rolled out between May 2021 and October 2021, during maintenance hours … Continued

Replace your background

Using Meeting and calling Blur or replace background
You can replace your video background with a virtual background from the pre-meeting screen, in an ongoing call or meeting, or from the Account tab: Pre-meeting screen Ongoing call Account … Continued

Screenshots from a StarLeaf room system

Managing StarLeaf advanced
You can take screenshots of your room system’s touchscreen controller. Before starting, make a note of your room system’s IP address: Touch 2035/36: double press the Home button and navigate to Networking … Continued

Live streaming

Using Recording and streaming
Expand/Collapse The information below describes how to schedule and view live streaming at live.starleaf.com. For organization requirements and streaming specifications, go to Live streaming requirements. Live streaming to live.starleaf.com is … Continued

Request objects

Integrating Cloud API
The request objects are: conf_settings request object conf_repetition request object conf_participant request object occur_settings request object location request object user request object directory_entries request object sites request object create_integration request … Continued

Profile pictures and Do not disturb

Using Account and licenses
You can customize your profile picture and set your online presence within StarLeaf. Select a topic below to learn more: About default profile pictures How to customize your profile picture … Continued

Mac QuickTime recording

Using Recording and streaming
If your organization does not have the StarLeaf recording service, you can still record calls and meetings using the QuickTime Player on a macOS device. Set up QuickTime Player How … Continued

View user status

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
You can view the online status of the users in your organization, from the Users page in your Admin Portal. In this topic: View all users View a specific user … Continued