Using in-call features

Using Phone 2105
Rejecting a call It is possible to reject an incoming call if you cannot answer it when it comes through. To reject the call, either press reject or . The … Continued

Live streaming requirements

Managing Conferencing and recording for admins
The information below describes the prerequisites and requirements for your organization for a successful live streaming experience. For information about scheduling and viewing live streams, go to Live streaming. Prerequisites … Continued


Installing StarLeaf desktop and mobile
StarLeaf automatically detects the language settings of the device you are using (mobile or desktop) and applies the same language in the app. For example, if your iPhone language is … Continued

Adding H.323 endpoints to the Portal

Installing H.323 endpoints
When configuring a third-party H.323 endpoint to register it to the StarLeaf platform, first add it to the StarLeaf Portal (as described below) and then configure the settings on the … Continued


Managing StarLeaf advanced
On this page: About sites Sites and PSTN SIP trunks How to create a site About sites Configure sites on the Portal for the purposes of location-specific settings such as how … Continued

Managing groups

Using Messaging
This page explains the different permissions that admins have in group chats. In both private and public groups, admins can: Add people to the group Remove people from the group … Continued

Manage host licenses

Managing StarLeaf Admin Portal
On this page: About host licenses About meetings and licenses How to assign or remove a host license Email notifications for license upgrade requests About host licenses A host is … Continued

Making a call

Using Meeting and calling
You can call any contact, or any group that you are a part of, in your organization. In this topic: How to make a call Calling outside of your organization … Continued

Installing GT Mini Wall Mount 0230

Installing GT Mini 3330
The GT Mini Wall Mount is designed for StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 meeting room codec. It neatly houses all cables and power supplies and features an adjustable camera shelf . … Continued